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Multivio: Generic browser and visualizer for digital objects

Multivio is a web application that provides a flexible, functional and enjoyable platform for accessing digital content, be it in textual format (like books, articles and journals) or in other media types, including sound and video, or a mix of any of them. It is designed specifically to work as front end for digital document repositories and digital libraries.

The application runs natively inside the web browser using JavaScript technology, and does not require the installation of dedicated software. (Although specific file formats may require dedicated browser plugins.)

Multivio is open-source software.

Live production example

See Multivio in action at the digital library RERO DOC.

Selected resources

a poster presented at OAI7 - CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (June 2011)
a webinar presented and recorded on, a platform for new learning technologies at Swiss universities (February 2011)
The recording
The slides

Visual Preview

new.png Check Multivio's new visual preview feature. It allows anyone to easily include thumbnail versions of files, such as PDFs or images, in any HTML page.

Aug, 4th, 2011. Release 1.0.0.
Check the public demonstrator and the release notes.