Terms of Use of the Demonstrator


  • user support is not guaranteed (we'll do our best to help you, though)
  • server availability is not granted
  • only modern, standards-compliant browsers are supported (see below)
  • the allowed document size in this public demonstrator is limited

Calling the Demonstrator Directly (with a URL)

You can use Multivio for your documents by calling it with a direct URL. For that use the following prefix:


and add the URL of the content to be displayed. Example:


Browser Support

Any common browser should be fine. However, you will probably need a recent version in order to take full advantage of Multivio, as it uses certain HTML5-related features which are not supported in older versions.

If you currently employ an old browser version, please consider upgrading. Besides not complying with current standards it surely contains dangerous security flaws.

Installing Multivio

Would you like to install Multivio on your server?

Multivio source code is publicly available under the version 2 of the GNU General Public License GPLv2.

You may freely install it on your server and adapt it to your environment. Please contact us at info@multivio.org if you are interested in that possibility.

Employed software

On the client layer

On the server layer