Release Notes

Release 1.0.0



  • new grid mode for the thumbnail palette
  • improved search results:
    • results are broken down by file in the case of multiple files
    • total number of results displayed
    • search expression emphasized in the result list
  • search tool displays a warning message if the file has no searchable content
  • improved text selection (linear instead of rectangular)
  • merge of the "pan" mode in the overview palette
  • file download occurs in a new browser window

Release 0.4.0



  • improved textual search:
    • Boolean search
    • search over multiple files (for multi-file documents)
  • text selection, allowing copy-paste
  • file download
  • overview mode
  • pan mode
  • additional input parameters allowed in the URL:
    • position : initial page - the application shows the required page at startup
    • file : initial file - the application shows the required file at startup (for multi-file documents)
    • search : search expression - the application shows the corresponding search results at startup

Release 0.3.1


  • bug corrections concerning bottom toolbar behavior and application refresh

Release 0.3.0



  • redesigned user interface (allowing more screen space for the content)
  • textual search (basic set, to be developed further)
  • graphical theme switching and customization
  • improved usability (better page flow, support for keyboard shortcuts and the mouse wheel)
  • available in English and French
  • online help

Release 0.2.2


  • bug correction concerning the support of plain PDF files

Release 0.2.1


  • zoom scale is now percentage-based
  • bug correction concerning the support of image formats GIF and PNG

Release 0.2.0



  • major performance gain (due to an optimized approach for transferring content from the server)
  • content rotation
  • dynamic zoom (images are requested to the server with the required resolution)
  • full-page and full-width zoom modes
  • support for additional metadata formats: MARC21 and MODS

Release 0.1.1


  • minor bug fixes and improvements

Release 0.1.0


First functional release, including:

  • static content display: text (PDF) and image (JPEG, GIF, PNG)
  • thumbnail- and tree-based navigation
  • direct page access
  • basic zoom functionality (the content is resized in the browser)
  • structural metadata parsing
  • tentative graphical design