Supported formats

Which formats does Multivio currently support?

Content formats

  • PDF
  • Images (GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF... more than 40 formats; see the complete list here)

Metadata formats

  • Dublin Core
  • MARC21
  • MODS
  • METS (profile compatible with the DFG-Viewer)

How are the different formats interpreted?

Multivio extracts the file or list of files composing the input document as well as the structure that puts the different parts of the document in relation. It tries to go as far as possible extracting document structure. If the structure is given explicitly, for example by a METS file, Multivio makes use of it. But it also tries to extract structure contained inside the files composing the document, for example the table of contents (TOC) of a PDF, or from an audio or video file containing annotations or a TOC.

Which formats are being prepared?

On the content side, video and audio are in the works. Later on, further image formats such JPEG 2000 will be considered.

Concerning structural metadata formats: there is a large quantity of such formats that may be of interest besides METS, such as TEI, FOXML, MPEG-21 DIDL, SMIL... Priorities will be set according to the specific needs of projects involving Multivio.

Would you like to add support for your own format?

A specification will be prepared enabling anyone to build a parser allowing Multivio to support its specific format. Please contact us at if you are interested in such a possibility.